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Walter Martin Quotes

Profession: Clergyman
Nationality: American
Birth Date: 10th Sep, 1928
Death Date: 26th Jun, 1989

Walter Martin may refer to:

General Walter Martin (1764-1834), founder of Martinsburg, New York

Gen. Walter Martin House, a historic home located at Martinsburg in Lewis County, New York

Walter Ralston Martin (1928–1989), American Evangelical minister, author, and Christian apologist

Walter Martin (musician), American singer-songwriter and member of The Walkmen

Walter Martin (rugby union) (1883–1933), Wales international rugby union player

Walter Martin (cyclist) (1891–?), American road racing cyclist

Walter Martin, half of artists Martin & Muñoz

Walter Stillman Martin, Christian minister and husband of Civilla D. Martin

Source: Wikipedia.com