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Murray Walker Quotes

Profession: Entertainer
Nationality: English
Birth Date: 10th Oct, 1923

Graeme Murray Walker, (born 10 October 1923) is an English semi-retired motorsport commentator and journalist. He provided television commentary of live Formula 1 coverage for the BBC between 1976 and 1996, and for that of ITV between 1997 and 2001.

During his 23-year run as full-time commentator, Walker became known for his animated enthusiasm, authoritative voice and uttering would-be-famous comical blunders – dubbed “Murrayisms” by fans – during live races. He is regarded by many as the greatest sports commentator of all time.Despite retiring from commentary after the 2001 United States Grand Prix, he returned to broadcasting part-time in 2005 and has since made occasional appearances on the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky Sports F1.

Source: Wikipedia.com