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Ahmed Ali is the name of:

Ahmed Ali (sprinter) (born 1993), Sudanese sprinter

Ahmed Ali (Ghanaian athlete) (born 1972), Ghanaian sprinter

Ahmed Ali (footballer, born 1988), Egyptian defender playing for Al Ahly SC

Ahmed Ali (footballer, born 1990), Emirati forward playing for Al Dhafra FC

Ahmed Ali (politician) (1938–2005), Fijian academic and politician

Ahmed Ali Ahmed, former leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq

Ahmed Ali Butt, Pakistani television actor, singer and model

Ahmed Ali Kamel (born 1986), Egyptian striker playing for Zamalek SC

Ahmed Ali Lahori (1887–1961), Sufi Muslim scholar

Ahmed Ali Moadhed (born 1980), Emirati footballer playing for Al Ain FC

Ahmed Ali (writer) (1910–1994), Pakistani novelist and poet

Ahmed Mohammed Ali (also known as Ahmed Ali, born 1972), Egyptian army spokesperson

Ahmed Abid Ali (born 1986), Iraqi football midfielder currently playing for Al Talaba in Iraq and the Iraq national team

Ahmed Farah Ali (born 1948), Somali literary scholar and publisher of written folklore

Ahmed Haj Ali, Eritrean politician who has held various posts within the Government of Eritrea

Ahmed Ibrahim Ali (born 1970), UAE football Midfielder who played for United Arab Emirates in the 1996 Asian Cup and also for Al-Sharjah

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali (born 1967), leader of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, a Maldivian MP, philanthropist and businessman

Ahmed Abdullah Ali, member of the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot

Ahmed Diriye Ali, spokesman of the Hawiye traditional elders

Ahmed Ismail Ali (1917–1974), Commander-in-Chief of Egypt's army and minister of war during the October War of 1973

Ahmed Khalfan Ali, conspirator of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization

Ahmed Sheikh Ali (born 1937), Somalian author and politician currently living in Nairobi, Kenya

Ahmed Ali (actor) (born 1986), Pakistani actor, model, singer and tennis player

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